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Collision Center Representation

Collision repair facilities deal with insurance companies on a daily basis. If you own or work at a collision center and you frequently become frustrated with insurance companies, you are not alone.

All collision shops frequently have the same complaints when it comes to insurance companies. Commonly, there are disputes with insurance companies over: rental vehicle bills; an appraiser not timely coming out for a preliminary or supplemental appraisal; insurance companies refusing to repair a vehicle in accordance with OEM guidelines; and insurance companies refusing to pay for certain repairs all together.

Although these disputes may make you more and more frustrated, know that with the right representation, you can put an end to the bullying exercised by many insurance companies. Minutelli Law Firm is well versed in the collision repair process and highly knowledgable in the regulations that insurance companies are supposed to abide by. While working toward his law degree, Attorney Anthony Minutelli was a manager at Inskip Collision Center (a Penkse Automotive collision center that specializes in repairing luxury vehicles). Accordingly, Attorney Minutelli has first hand knowledge of the collision repair process and the frustrations that come with it.

Minutelli Law Firm now works with many body shops throughout Rhode Island, handling disputes between collision centers and insurance companies. Next time a dispute arises between your collision center and an insurance company, don't wait. Call Minutelli Law Firm for a free consultation.


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